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Let the racking begin

Tha boy got off the bus from school and the weezling and I were yelling at him from down the street to hurry because we were going fossil hunting. With 30 pounds of books in his back he started running full speed towards the truck. We had to hurry because it gets dark about 5:45 so we only have about an hour to hunt. We pulled up at the site and we were elated to see the new digging. The finds started happening immediately. 5 minutes after I started digging, I had a pretty little megalodon. The kids were pulling out teeth and were so excited about what they were finding that they barely spoke. I asked tha weezling a question and he kept digging and responded, "Can't talk... toothing..." I'm raising these kids right! Around the corner from the first meg, I started digging in some layer closer to the surface. It was close to dark and I heard the familiar scrape with my shovel. Another megalodon! We dug until dark and left grudgingly but happy that we found what we did. Without a doubt we will be back tomorrow.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/17/2007


Fossil Megalodon
Fossil Megalodon
Megalodon Tooth
Megalodon Tooth





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