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The color of success

With our success yesterday, it was a foredrawn conclusion that we would hunt again. We arrived onsite and just to be safe we asked the supervisor if it was ok. He was down and we jumped in the hole. Like yesterday, the crew had dug a new section revealing untouched fossil layer. The finds were very sparse. In fact, I only found one tooth the whole day but it was a nice one. Unbelievable color, serrations, tip. Its a gem! tha boy was amazed at my good fortune and he had to get away from me. He must have thought that his luck was osmosing through the fossil ether to me. Or maybe he was out of layer. Regardless, he moved and in 1 shovel full, he had a 5 3/4 inch megalodon, by far the biggest of any we found at this site thus far. Darkness fell and we were all still digging. Finally we had to call it quits because we couldn't see anything.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/18/2007

Even though he didn't score a megalodon, tha weezling dove in and gave it his best try.
Tha boy is shocked and amazed by my good fortune. This photo was taken minutes before he unearthed his giant meg tooth.
5 3/4 inches long and solid as a rock. Its the biggest tooth I've seen anyone find at this pond.

Colorful Megalodon Tooth
Colorful Megalodon Tooth





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