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Pickin Up Good Fossil Vibrations

Another BRFC group hunt was on as RivrDigr, his trusty sidekick Chuck, T$, DW and myself met at Lafarge to unearth fossils from their resting place. I arrived (late) at LaFarge around 7:20 to find the quarry fully open to collectors. There were quite a few more groups hunting today than usual. Thanks again to LaFarge for allowing public hunts. Well, I strapped on my backpack, hit the pit and noticed nice layer in the spoil piles. The lowcountry had some decent rain the last week so my hopes were high. The first two hours I bagged two teeth. Pretty slow start. Then I met up with RivrDigr, and as you know from previous posts, as soon as I meet up with him, the teeth seem to jump into my pocket. We started to dig in some fresh greencap, and in about 5 minutes I got the good fossil serrated vibes. Sure enough, I bagged a sweet ric with one viscous blade that had never seen the light of day. The bourlette and cusps are choice too. We dug there for about two hours and I got some smaller teeth, a nice stingray bard, and another smaller ric. Once Chuck showed up, it was like the fossil buffer zone was blocking the teeth from jumping into my bag. After the digging, we walked through layer that appeared to have been tramped by one of those soil flattening machines. I managed to find a few whale bones, but no teeth. That was reserved for DW, check out his post for a drooler of an archaeocete tooth !!!!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added1/20/2007

The total haul from today's hunt at LaFarge.

2-1/2 Inch Auriculatus
2-1/2 Inch Auriculatus
1-1/8 Inch Auriculatus
1-1/8 Inch Auriculatus





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