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Hidden beauty.

I awoke earlier than I expected Saturday morning and I was ready far before it was time to go hunting at Lafarge. I was one of the first ones at the designated spot to wait for entry into the pit, and even though it was only about 30 minutes until sunrise, it seemed like much longer. The first thing I noticed upon arrival was that the road in was very muddy. Many cars slipped and slided on the way in, but the good news was that we could go anywhere we wanted in the whole pit. No Restrictions. I quickly walked to the new deposits, but I saw footprints everywhere I looked. I know that no one else had been here first - someone had already walked the fields. No matter. Only the obvious stuff would have been found. I went into eagle eye mode and started scanning for punies. Big teeth are easy to see when you're looking for little stuff. I worked my way over to the active mining area picking up little stuff all along the way. The new spot was everything I wanted it to be. Green cap and Santee Limestone everywhere. This was prime stuff. It hadn't washed well, so I had to move even slower to see the teeth. I ran into t$ over there, and he was crawling the limestone looking for teeth. There were little holes dug all over the place and because of the rain, they were little ponds. While walking around one, I spied a huge tooth. I knew immediately that it was an archaeocete because it looked like the squalodon teeth that I'm used to finding around Summerville except that it was enormous. Score!!!!!!!!! This is the most complete one I ever found, even though I did get a decent one a couple of years ago. Da f0ssZ hooked me up with the other half and I got it put back together by Jedi Master's whale expert friend. That one is a double rooter, and this one is a big canine. It was a fantastic find, probably my best ever at lafarge. Definitely the most rare. The walk back to the truck was glorious. I knew that the cleaning ritual would be an incredible experience with a fossil of this calibre. I engaged a dude in tooth evolution on the walk back and he showed me a monster ric he dug out of the formation. Seems like everybody who found something nice had to dig it up. At the end of the hunt, I finally ran into da f0ssZ, rivrdigr, and chuck. The show and tell at the end of the hunt is always grand. I expected a royal auriculatus from da f0ssZ and he did not disappoint. We all met up at Moe's for giant burritos and tales of the hunt.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/21/2007


Archaeocete Tooth
Archaeocete Tooth
Auriculatus Tooth
Auriculatus Tooth





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