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Meglo self-destructo!

This is a trip from a few weeks ago at the pond. I didn’t have much time to dig today and it was already getting dark when I arrived. There was a whole new side dug out and a guy was already digging it and he scored a delicious white colored meg tooth. I think it was probably close to 5 inches with fully intact root and tip. One side I was digging the layer was super hard and then I started to notice a shape of a root being exposed. It was a meg! I was getting ready to take out my camera to take a ground photo, but I wanted to make sure the tip and everything else was there as well. I started to uncover more and more and it looked like it was going to be whole until I reached the tip, which was lost millions of years ago during feeding :(. It would have been a real sweetie too.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/26/2007


Bike ride turned fossil hunt
Bike ride turned fossil hunt
phoSsil pHaTcatZ
phoSsil pHaTcatZ
The Lucky Phone Call
The Lucky Phone Call





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