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Injured Reserve

Another post from a few weeks ago - I took it easy Sunday because of the shoulder injury but when Monday rolled around, I knew that the crew did more work on the pond during the day. As soon as quitting time rolled around, the kids piled into the truck and we headed off to go hunting. We only had an hour to dig, but we made the most of it. It was a good thing we went because the day's work cut into some great new layer. I had to watch every shovel full so I could avoid further injury so I was only at half productivity. Even being careful, I still felt the sharp pains. I know this is heresy, but I wish they would hurry up and finish the pond so I can rest! My inner fossil hunter will not let me take a break when I know there are large serrated objects to be unearthed.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/29/2007


Juvenile Angustidens Tooth
Juvenile Angustidens Tooth





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