February 25, 2018  
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The forbidden pond is a gold mine!

Like every Saturday since… well, I can't remember when, we hit the forbidden pond. They really haven't done much work out there in the past week because of the rain, but there was still plenty of real estate to dig up. Today, all of us found good stuff. T-Money found a little 3" meg, thA duDe found a 3" meg and a pristine 2" Mako, J of the Golden Shovel found a near 6" meg, a 2" museum quality benedeni (drool!), a pathologic meg, and a pre-molar squalodon. What a day he had! I did ok too, I found 4 megs (although only 2 were whole) in the same spot, and a sweet carcharias tooth. This spot has been incredibly productive. I'm beginning to expect a meg every week. If only it were true! Reality check, though. Its just the second weekend of February, and already I have found more megs this year that all last year combined.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/9/2002


1 15/16" Great White Shark Tooth
1 15/16" Great White Shark Tooth
4 3/4" Megalodon Shark Tooth
4 3/4" Megalodon Shark Tooth





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