February 25, 2018  
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More goodies from the forbidden pond

The whole gang went out again today, but the teeth weren't just falling out of the edge like they have been in the past few weeks. Mostly, they edges had been dug out, and we were digging under precarious ledges of loose sand. Not finding anything for the first 2 hours, I turned my shovel on the Chandler Bridge that was lying exposed in the middle of the pond. You will see on the right a 2 1/2" beauty pulled from within. I was pumped, so I went back to the edge and decided to try my luck again. I started rolling! I found the killer horse tooth on the right, and the two megs top left. The half on the bottom 5 3/4" long. What a shame that wasn't whole! I didn't have the banner days I've become used to having, but one guy there did. This other guy that showed up found to 5 1/2" beauties within like 1 foot of each other. What luck!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/16/2002


A hunting we will go...
A hunting we will go...
Fossiling in the footprints of others....
Fossiling in the footprints of others....
Angustidens Galore!
Angustidens Galore!





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