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Researching the past.

In preparation for a book on South Carolina dinosaurs I visited some of the original Cretaceous sites cited in old documents. One was a site on the Great Pee Dee River in Florence County. The site was documented over a hundred years ago and reported belemnites from a newly named Pee Dee Formation. I took some pictures and recorded the type location with a GPS reading that will be in the book. I also took a few belemnoids from the exposed layer for the museum.
Location Florence County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/31/2006

This is the original site as described over a hundred years ago. It's also the site locality for the Pee Dee Formation.
A few of the belemnites from the Pee Dee River.

Late Christmas
Late Christmas
Dino squirrels
Dino squirrels

- 5/18/2010
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