September 26, 2020  
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4" Archaeocete Canine   Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA - Zygorhiza kochii
Very robust tooth. The enamel tip is missing on this specimen but the root is primarily intact....
Archaeocete Tooth   South Carolina, USA - Zygorhiza kochii

I found this a few years ago in the Lafarge pit. It is the best of three I found that day, Unfortunately it came out in three pieces. I guess a three-piece Archaeocete is better than no Archaeocete at all.

Archaeocete Tooth   Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA - Zygorhiza kochii
A fantastic find from the Eocene Green Cap formation near Harleyville SC. The detail on the enamel is fantastic with ridges and valleys that spider across the surface. There is a cool white mark on one side. Some of the root is missing, but I am very fortunate to find this tooth in this good of shape. The Green Cap is not known for preserving these teeth well and the teeth themselves are exceedingly rare....






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