March 23, 2023  
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Very large & 2 small Ordivician-Devonian Archeocyathid-like sponges   USA - archeocyathid
These sponges were found in rocks dating back from the undetermined rocks from the cambrian-ordivician-devonian periods. They were first thought that they were a thin section of rugosa coral, but more resembles a flattend Archeocyathid. They were found in the Las Vegas district, near the village of Blue Diamond Hill and Red Rock Canyon....
Fossil Archeocyathid Extinct Sponge   Big Pine, California, USA - archeocyathid

Archeocyathids are an extinct sponge that fed on stromatolites during the Cambrian. The interesting thing about this site in Big Pine, California is that this location is where the first known reefs began to form on earth!







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