December 3, 2022  
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Fossil Beaver Molar from the Edisto River in South Carolina   Colleton County, South Carolina, USA - Castor Canadensis
This fossil beaver molar was a very unexpected find. I only occasionally find pleistocene material in the Edisto but sometimes it turns up and its super nice like this little tooth. I was fanning sand and I came across a pocket on the bottom of the river that had not been eroded in recent history, meaning it has likely been since the end of the ice age. You can always tell by the way it looks completely compacted and difficult to move with fanning the water. That is contrasted by normal river gr...
7/8" Fossil Beaver Molar   Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA - Castor Canadensis
A really nice fossilized beaver molar...
Fossil Beaver Jaw - Berkeley County, SC   Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA - Castor Canadensis
This is arguably the best pleistocene fossil I have ever found. Its a perfect lower jaw from a beaver. The incisor and molars are complete....






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