December 4, 2022  
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perissodactyl astragalus   Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA - Unidentified - Other
I believe this to be an astragalus (ankle bone) from an early miocene land mammal. Rhino or entelodont are my best guesses from the size of the bone and the land mammal fauna previously found in the Kirkwood formation. If anyone can provide any further insight please contact me.

UPDATE: Definitely a perissodactyl astragalus. Probably rhino or tapir. ...
creodont?   Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA - Unidentified - Other
I found this when I was first getting into serious fossil collecting, about 4 years ago. I knew it was something interesting, but I was total noob. Finally this year I got around to trying to figure out what it was from. The best guess of the New Jersey State Museum is that it is likely a premolar from a Creodont, possibly something like Hyaenodon. If anyone could provide a better ID or their opinions, please contact me. The literature believes the best estimate for age of the deposit...






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