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Lee Creek Sperm Whale Tooth   Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA - Scaldicetus

Its really tough to decide what my best find of my recent Aurora fossil hunting trip was. Some say it was my megalodon tooth. Others say my parotodus. Still others say this Lee Creek Sperm Whale tooth was the best. I don't know, but this is certainly a nice tooth. The root is immaculate. The wear pattern on the enamel cap is perfectly flat, and there is tremendous detail in the enamel. Even though I have found many sperm whale teeth in t...

8" Sperm Whale Tooth   Charleston County, South Carolina, USA - Scaldicetus

I saw this thing just barely hanging on to the layer. Its in fairly good condition and about 90% complete. I have no idea what it is yet, but I hope to find out soon.

Update - 11/2/2003 The Smithsonian guys identified this as a sperm whale tooth at the Cypress Gardens Fossil Show. t$ was hoping it was a tusk, but alas, the hunt continues.

6 1/4" Sperm Whale Tooth   Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA - Scaldicetus
From out of the edge of a pond we gave up on came this beast - just about the biggest whale tooth I've ever seen. I'm sure there are bigger ones somewhere, but I've never seen one. And the colors on this baby are sweet, too. The cap is a little dinged up; if it wasn't, this tooth would be 6 1/2" long at least!...
5 1/4" Sperm Whale tooth   Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA - Scaldicetus
This was the only thing I found on my dives in Georgia. I found it by sticking my arms down in about a foot of mud and feeling around. Its in fantastic condition because my guess is that is has never seen a day of wear. When it was washed from the layer, it probably fell immediately into the mud....
5 7/8" Sperm Whale tooth   Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA - Scaldicetus
Its amazing to remember back to the day I found this tooth. Not only did I find this (I thought it was a tusk of some kind then), but I also found a 5" meg and a nice squalodon tooth. To this day, this is still the biggest sperm whale tooth I own or have ever seen. And it is in magnificent condition, to boot....






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