September 26, 2020  
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Thoracosaur and Leidysuchus teeth   Pennintgon County, South Dakota, USA - Crocodile
A nice mix of Leidysuchus, Thoracosaur, and crocodilian teeth from South Dakota. Nice selection from the Hell Creek Formation....
Belgrade Croc Tooth   Onslow County, North Carolina, USA - Crocodile
I couldnt believe it when my wife told me that she found this.  She thought it was the hollow end of a whale tooth sticking out of the ground and when she dug it out...Surprise!!!...
Nice Potomac Croc tooth   Potomac River, Maryland, USA - Crocodile

This is my best Croc tooth ever. It was one of three from tFathers Day on the Potomac.

Fossil Croc teeth   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA - Crocodile

Quite a few croc teeth. This photo shows the quantity of croc material at this site.

1-1/8" Croc tooth   Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA - Crocodile

1-1/8" Croc tooth

Crocodile Tooth   Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA - Crocodile
A nice enamel cap from a Croc tooth....






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