September 26, 2020  
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Enchodus petrosus   Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA - Enchodus petrosus
Found February 18, 2010 at Greens Mill Run. The tooth, itself, is fairly dinged-up, but it is really cool that it is with a jaw fragment! (It's the first one that I've found, regardless) I believe the actual formation is likely the PeeDee, but could be Black Creek... and that is the only one I see in the drop-down....
1 3/4" Enchodus Tooth   Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA - Enchodus petrosus
My daughter found this killer tooth. Most Enchodus teeth of this size get pretty beat up in the stream, but other than some light matrix this tooth is near perfect. Later in the day we found a jaw piece that matched up nicely to the tooth - what luck!...
1 1/8" Enchodus Tooth   Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA - Enchodus petrosus
Isolated Enchodus teeth are fairly common in the Cretaceous streams of NJ and usually equally unremarkable. Other than the very slight tip damage, the state of preservation of this tooth is unbelievable! The enamel is near perfect and irridecant. All the striations are well defined and the main cutting edge is sharp. Once the matrix is removed, this will be a real looker....






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