December 11, 2023  
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Petrified Wood?   Pennintgon County, South Dakota, USA - Petrified Wood
What I think is two small pieces of petrified wood. I found this in a South Dakota road cut. Date: 75 mya Piere Shale ...
Petrified wood   Tarrant County, Texas, USA - Petrified Wood
With Texas having a ton of petrified wood, This is the coolest piece i have found to date.  It looks like it may  have been decaying a little before it was petrified.  I dont know the formation because it was hauled into our neighborhood to level the ground.  ...
Petrified Wood   Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA - Petrified Wood
To my knowledge this is the only piece of petrified wood we've found so far at Superpit. Its also the biggest piece I've found to now. Its 6 1/2 inches long and roughly 4 1/2 inches around....






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