January 16, 2018  
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Fossil Shark Teeth

An extremely rare form of Alopias grandis.


Trip Reports

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Trigonotodus   Virginia, USA - Trigonotodus sp.

Yes, another sweet Trig that I found and traded away. This tooth was almost fully serrated. It was not long after taking this pic that I broke down and bought a good ($$$) digital camera.

Trigonotodus   Virginia, USA - Trigonotodus sp.

Another nice tooth. Pic was taken with a different crappy camera. Both tooth and camera are gone. This tooth was very thick and not fully serrated.

Trigonotodus   Virginia, USA - Trigonotodus sp.

A nice tooth, but a crappy photo with an old digital camera. I no longer have either of the two.

Serrated Giant Thresher Shark Tooth   Colleton County, South Carolina, USA - Trigonotodus sp.
This is the fruit of my latest trade, one of the rarest shark teeth anywhere - a serrated giant thresher tooth. Very little is known about the species, and few of their teeth are ever recovered. In a lifetime of collecting, this is only the second specimen I've ever seen in person. I've waited a really long time to get this tooth!...






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