October 28, 2021  
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Diseased, Infected, Injured, Arthritic, or otherwise Pathologic Fossil Shark Vertebra   Colleton County, South Carolina, USA - Unidentified - Shark
Here's a first on my list of finds, a diseased, infected, injured, arthritic, or otherwise pathologic fossil shark vertebra. Not sure which because all of those could cause this....
Nice Sand Tiger from the Potomac River   Potomac River, Maryland, USA - Unidentified - Shark
Not exactly sure if this tooth is a Hypotodus verticalis.  If anyone could confirm that would be great....
Unidentified Miocene, Calvert Formation, Sharks Tooth   Calvert County, Maryland, USA - Unidentified - Shark

I've been unable to identifiy this tooth.  I posted in the ID section.

7" primitive shark finspine   Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA - Unidentified - Shark
possibly hybodont, possibly another unknown to NJ taxa...
Unidentified Eocene Shark Tooth   Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA - Unidentified - Shark
This is another tooth that I found shifting through the green cap material. It looks almost like a juvenile auriculatus. ...
1/8" Shark Denticle   Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA - Unidentified - Shark
This is one of the goodies you get when you look for micro fossils - its a shark denticle. ...
6 associated, fused shark vertebrae   Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA - Unidentified - Shark
This is quite a find! From time to time, I find complete shark vertebrae, but finding a whole column of them is rare indeed! Undoubtedly, the shark that owned these was buried at death. That's about the only way the disks survive this way....






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