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German ammonites   Germany - Ammonite
i forget who gave me these two, but they are be-a-utiful!...
A Quarry near Hannover, September 27th 2008   Germany

Finally I had time to take another trip down South to Germany, Holland and Belgium. First stop was this quarry near Hannover. There are several quarries around here and we actually noticed we were in the wrong one, the one were you wouldn't find that many superb echinoids. But for the 'sponge' people it was a real 'goldmine'.

I did manage to find one good echinoid and my friend Gerrit-Jan found a nice little ammonite and....... this awesome Hexanchus tooth, onlt 2 cm...

Western Germany, 19th of April 2008   Osnabruck, Germany

Saturday 19th of April, western Germany.


I arrived half an hour earlier then we agreed and met my friend Patrick a couple of minutes later. We hadn’t taken one step in to the quarry but Patrick was about to get lucky. One of the workers asked if we were going to look for fossils. He did this in German and I think because Patrick spoke fluently German, it was him to get the BIG surprise. We followed the worker and ...







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