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Inversand trip, Sept 2007

I attended a trip to Inversand that was a pay for a slot gig with the Friends of the New Jersey State Museum (NJSM). The weather was poor, remnants of a tropical storm were going up the coast and the rain and cold wind was a poor start to the day. The sun broken out around noon but it was a struggle to make it that long.

Learning from pervious trips to this site I walked the area first and found a nice but worn 2-inch mako, probably from the Hornerstown formation. Here, today though I’m hoping for associated reptile remains.

I dug near a spot I had good luck with years ago but did not have the same spectacular results. Some turtle shell fragments and after about 4 hours 2 vertebra. They were not crocodile but still had a reptilian ball and socket look. I sent off an email and the NJSM paleontologist (who is just awesome) thinks they maybe from a mosasaur (an first for me).

So, not what I was looking for (no associate croc verts, no dinosaur teeth) but I did find my biggest sharks tooth yet from the site and my first mosasaur vertebras so I cool day anyway.
Location Gloucester County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added11/17/2007

The haul for the day.
The smaller possible mosasaur vert.
Larger possible mosasur vert. BTW - these were found in the MFL layer in the pit. Now, get your minds out of the gutter, it stands for the Main Fossil Layer.

Fossil hunting trip to Inversand Pit in Sewell, Gloucester County, New Jersey
Fossil hunting trip to Inversand Pit in Sewell, Gloucester County, New Jersey
m4's Inversand Trip





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