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Do A Good Turn Daily

I seldom get the opportunity to go out fossiling for an entire day, but with my kid’s sports seasons over and my family away in NJ, it was nice to get out and not worry about what time it was. I headed out to GMR Saturday morning picking up from where I left off the previous week in my search for a nice great white. I’ve hunted GMR about 10 or 12 times now - enough to know that there’s a ton of worn, busted, partial (and any other negative connotation you could apply) fossils mixed in with a ton of glass, cans and various electronic components. But, mixed in with the junk are some of the nicest great white teeth found anywhere. In my 12 or so trips I’ve found one great white that I would say is near perfect, maybe 2 or three others that I would say are decent. Not a very good tooth to trip ratio, but as JP and I often discuss, persistence usually pays off.

I arrived at about 8:30 and headed to the spot where I found a decent great white a couple of weeks ago. In the first hour I picked up 3 or 4 uncharacteristically nice tiger shark teeth and a couple of worn, smaller megs. Figuring there had to be a great white in there somewhere I stayed and eventually it came - an absolute killer. The tooth was about 1 1/4 inches and perfect. My day was made and it was only 10:30. A scout troop on a nature walk came by and the kids were all inquisitive so I happily parted with the tiger shark teeth and some of the other finds, which generated some appreciative smiles. After passing out the teeth and giving a quick geology lesson I continued back where I found the killer and after about 20 minutes the second one came - a 1 5/8 inch great white which other than being slighty worn is perfect. Gravy. I spent the next 5 hours working my way along the stream, but my killer tooth quota had more than been met. I did pick up two decent ear bones and a nice porpoise vert - enoughto quell the fossil bug for at least another week or two.

Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added6/29/2007

Two decent porpoise/whale ear bones.
A nice little porpoise vert.

1 5/8" Great White Shark Tooth
1 5/8" Great White Shark Tooth
1 5/16" Great White Shark Tooth
1 5/16" Great White Shark Tooth





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