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Fun at the Run....

First, I need to give a special thanks to Daryl for his assistance in identifying / verifying my finds at the Green Mill Run (GMR).  This is my first trip posting.


I moved to High Point, North Carolina over a year ago in addition to taking up this hobby (fossil collection) again.  My five year old daughter was interested in my small crinoid, shell (brachipods / gastropod) and rock collection from my youth.  Her curiosity re-sparked my interest and while Googling North Carolina Fossils I came across Daryl’s website.




I was in the GMR region (work related) last January, February and this August.  So I decided to swing by and give this screening thing a try by the 10th Street tunnel area before driving back home (followed Daryl’s picture tour of the creek on his website).  I discovered this can be a very addictive hobby.  Just one more shovel load / slot machine pull.  Once the back / bank is depleted, it’s time to go. 


Half the fun is finding the fossils and the other is identification.   Found one “rock” that I almost threw back in the creek.  Looked at it more closely and decided it might be worth keeping.  This was later identified by Daryl as an epiphysis (most likely a porpoise).   He further informed me this fossil is commonly referred as a “cookie” due to its size, shape and color.


The following photos are compilations of the three trips.  Belemnites were actually the first fossils I found.   One was deformed and I almost discarded it because it didn’t look like that “normal” specimens shown throughout the BRF website (glad I kept it).  I believe the GMR belemnites are the coolest…..very awesome orange patina. 


Found a ton of belemnites, pycodont teeth, one saw fish tooth (Ischyriza mira), various Crow Shark (Squalicorax pristidontis), an upper and lower Great White (Carcharodon carcharias), various sting ray teeth, a fish skull, a mososaur tooth (Mosasaurus conodon), various bone material, two dermal chutes, a claw core (not for sure), and enough unidentified teeth to keep me busy researching for a while.  I gave my daughter the “frags” for her “collection” which she graciously accepted.


I am still in the process of learning how to identify the various shark teeth and fossils in general.  Any help on species identification / fossil verification on the epiphysis, sting ray teeth, dermal chutes, claw core and the fish skull will be appreciated.


I’m located about 3½ hours away from GMR.  Anyone in the area who would like to make the trek, please shoot me an e-mail.  I would love some fossil hunting camaraderie.  Does anyone know any other public fossils sites closer / within that driving range?  


Have a fruitful and safe hunt….


Thanks again Daryl…



Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added8/19/2008

"The Haul"
alway good when you see a tooth in the 1/2 screen
Carcharodon carcharias
Squalicorax pristidontis
pycodont teeth
sting ray teeth
soft shell turtle dermal chute
unknown dermal chute
claw core?
unknown fish skull
Ischyriza mira
Green Mill Run Belemnites
belemnite detail
"deformed" belemnite
Mosasaurus conodon

A hesitant post, but going, going gone...
A hesitant post, but going, going gone...
First post- GMR- 2/26/10
First post- GMR- 2/26/10
First Trip to Green Mill Run of 2010
First Trip to Green Mill Run of 2010

- 8/20/2008
Reviewer : svillej from Pennsylvania United States
Total Rating : 10
Great trip report with awesome pictures and details Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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Awesome report - 8/20/2008
Reviewer : sharkdentist from
Total Rating : No Rating
nice pics looks like you you had a great haul from the reprt I feel like I was there.
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Hi neighbor! - 8/21/2008
Reviewer : greel from
Total Rating : No Rating
brachiomyback: I live next door in Thomasville. I plan on going to GMR this weekend. If you want to make it a team effort, call me tomorrow between 3 and 11 pm @ 1-800-950-9550 or 668-4848 - ask for Gerald Reel. I work in Greensboro near the airport. Nice mix of teeth, especially for the first trip. I hit the Run in Greenville quite often, so even if you can't make this weekend, we should definately plan future trips.
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Love the Great Whites!!! - 12/16/2008
Reviewer : Grtwhteshrk13 from South Carolina United States
Total Rating : 10
Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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