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Return to Hepatitis Creek

After Sunday's success in the mine I traveled to GMR hoping to find a modern Great white tooth. What I found first was an absolute monster of a crow shark tooth - almost twice as big an any that I've ever found in NJ!! I was stoked!! That was immediately replaced by panic with the sight of a fast moving water moccasin making it's way down the creek towards us!!! It pulled into the stream bank where my companion for today's hunt was tossing his spoils and "leav'erights". Good thing he didn't go over to dump his stuff and was just tossing it because another snake surfaced right at the same spot!!! This caused us to move upstream and try our luck by a mass of submerged logs. We spent the next hour looking over our shoulder ever sift full to make sure another venomous serpent was not going to ruin our day. After about an hour we were finding good stuff and forgot all about the snakes - until one slither right b! etween both of us. We were only 8 feet apart so back to looking over our shoulders for the remainder of the day. Finally pay dirt and a mosasaur tooth was next in the fossil goody bag, then a dinged great white, then another monster crow shark and then finally a complete great white tooth. YES!!! After a few more dingers and then a complete blade (minus the root) we called it a day.
Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added5/30/2005


Mosasaur Toth
Mosasaur Toth
Crow Shark Tooth
Crow Shark Tooth
Fossil Great White Shark Tooth
Fossil Great White Shark Tooth





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