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Gold in Greenville

My daughter and I made a semi-spontaneous trip out to Greensmill Run on Sunday. This was her second time out there and it only took the first trip for it to become her favorite place to hunt. She likes it because there are a lot of teeth to be had even though most are beat-up and/or partial and/or very stream worn. I on the other hand have been itching to explore some other NC locales particulary ones accessable by boat, only, between my car breaking down and issues getting my boat registered in NC, things haven’t quite worked out towards that end. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy collecting at GMR, but it seems that most, if not all the teeth are beat-up and/or partial and/or very stream worn. The obvious draw to GMR is the great white teeth, which while I’ve found a few, haven’t been in very good shape either - but, I’ve seen enough killer teeth out of there to know that one is bound to come. We arrived at the stream at about 7:00 AM and as soon as we were down the bank the mosquitos were everywhere. We drenched ourselves in repellant and went to work. The finds came in slow but steady during the morning. A really nice crow shark tooth was the first noteworthy find followed by two croc scutes, a small mosasaur tooth and a 3 point deer antler. In the last hour came what is probably my best tooth so far this year. In an area that had a hard bottom with a couple of depressions and a few larger rocks (a sort of natural tooth trap) was a small great white sitting in about 5 inches of water completely exposed. I had my camera nearby, so I snapped a picture and proceeded to pray as I reached down to pick it up. Not only did it have awesome color, but it was complete and in perfect shape! With high fives all around I packed it away in it’s own container. While the great white material remained elusive for the remaineder of the day, Juli managed to pick up a really nice mako tooth that was in unusually good shape for GMR. As we felt the mosquitos begin to bite through the weakening repellant, we decided it was time to call it a day - and a great one at that!
Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added9/24/2006

Juli's finds.
I saw this tooth from about 10 feet away - what a sight!
This antler isn't very old but it's still pretty cool.
A couple of croc scutes.

1 1/4" Great White Shark Tooth
1 1/4" Great White Shark Tooth





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