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Quick trip to the creek

I got down for the weekend a little early and had time to hit GMR for a few hours. The weather was about perfect and the water level was good, so as always, hopes were high for some primo great whites and crow shark teeth. Walking down to the spot i usually enter was a challenge - it was heavily overgrown and the picker bushed ripped up my arm pretty good. And, there is little better than dipping your fresh cuts into water with a strong potential for e coli :). Walking back to the hunt site i always try to look at the exposed gravel areas for teeth and did spot a small brown GW tooth with root damage in a gravel pile. that was unfortunately an indicator of the rest of the teeth i would continue to find. I had a lot of trouble finding any good areas, and walked farther down the stream than i have in the past. I finally decided to dig in rather than keep walking. I was pulling about 1 tooth every overly full screen. After a couple of screens, i saw a mid-sized GW finally. The root was broken and when i reached for it, a smaller one was right next to it - also with a broken root; like I said, the first one was the indicator of what was to come :(. The 2 GW in one screen renewed my digging effort, but in all the other screens I threw, not another GW turned up. I did however get 1 crow with very nice enamel, but broken root again. I finally decided to call it quits after a couple hours when the skeeters started to get more active and before my back started to complain so I could be ready for aurora the next day.
Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added9/29/2006

The entire take for a couple hours of sifting.

Green Mill Run First Trip For 2007
Green Mill Run First Trip For 2007
Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew
Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew
Green Mill Run Primer
Green Mill Run Primer





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