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Peace Be With You

The first BRFC trip to collect in the Bone Valley of Florida was set up for this weekend. RivrDigr and the fossil hunting machine Chuck were are hosts. I headed to Summerville early Friday and picked up DW And T$, and after a nice road trip we arrived in our hotel with hopes of filling our fossil bags. Day 1 we met up with G-man and G-woman for a BRFC fossil bonanza. We launched a canoe and began to sift at a spot RivrDigr and Captain Chuck had found. This spot had deep gravel and the racking of fossils began within minutes. We all sifted till we were achy and tired, but by then we had amassed megs, horse teeth, sections of elephant teeth, dugong ribs, and deer material. I managed two great PR megs in this spot and my trip had been made. Day 2 we hooked up with Texas BRFC hunter RocKspLLiter, his lady and mom. We canoed down river and sifted 4 spots. There were goods to found by all again; I managed another nice meg and some deer antlers, and I saw DW bag a killer hubble meg. There was some great other mammal material found in these spots.
Location Hardee County, Florida, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added4/30/2006

The two-day haul from the Peace River.

Megalodon quartet
Megalodon quartet
Deer Antlers
Deer Antlers
Posterior Meg tooth
Posterior Meg tooth
2.5" Meg tooth
2.5" Meg tooth





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