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The Texans invade Florida, by invitation of course

As some others on this website have posted, we were blessed with some major generosity from Rivrdigr and we got to hunt down in Florida at the Peace River and at a mine. I don't have any photos of the Peace River stuff right now, but I have a couple of items from the mine to show. Hunting was tough in the mine since no rain had fallen there in a long time, but there were still some treasures to be found. I found a nice, albeit not perfect, little meg that shows a nice orangeish color with some black speckling. I did find 2 I. hastalis teeth, but unfortunately somehow the better of the two got destroyed on the flight home. I was looking for it and couldn't find it and finally found what was left of it. Its like the thing just exploded or something. Baffling. Anyhow, I still have this one mako, which while not perfect is still a neat tooth for my collection. Thank you to Rivrdigr for all the help and hospitality!
Location Hardee County, Florida, USA

Date Added5/1/2006


Bone Valley Meg
Bone Valley Meg





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