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How to turn a business trip into a Fossil Trip

Mrs Paleoscan reporting. In July, I went to Tampa, FL, for three days on business. I was traveling with a co-worker, my boss, and my boss's boss, AND meeting with contractors and other company members there, AND staying in downtown Tampa, so it's not like I could really sneak off for a couple of hours (besides, the big boss had the car keys). In advance of the trip, I suggested to my boss that we go fossil hunting while in FL. He was a real good sport about it -- as were the five others who eventually came along that evening. This site is on Tampa Bay, in a public park with ample parking, short walk to beach, easy surface collecting. After we broke from our meetings and changed into casual wear (me sporting one of my Aurora T-shirts so I could show folks what to look for), we headed to the site. We were dodging weather fronts so we kept a close eye on the rapidly changing conditions (found out next a.m. that there had been a tornado not too far from our location). The boss found a croc tooth. He was absolutely beside himself with excitement. The big boss found a toothie (too small for me to categorize and she kept it). I found two additional croc teeth, a piece of turtle, a piece of ray spike, a tiny fish vertebrae, and a small pristine shark tooth (gray?). Not bad for less than an hour with a bunch of newbies. Because Paul (M4) likes a little color in these, I've included the plastic bull from the brandy bottle from our dinner at the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City. Excellent Spanish cuisine, lovely flamenco dancers, and insanely yummy mojitos and sangria, made table-side to order.
Location Hillsborough County, Florida, USA

Date Added7/19/2005

Croc teeth
Nice tooth (gray shark?)
Our little pile of booty






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