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Horse tooth

This is a heavily worn lower tooth of the one-toed horse Equus. I had lost this in my front yard for three days. I searched countless hours for this little gem. I think my neighbors thought I was crazy. I even took the front seats of my truck to see if it had fallen between them. I was about to give up when my buddy said he would come over and look fo it. Sure enough within 3 minutes of him looking he found it. He's just got that abillity to pull something out of thin air , especially while fossiling. You could be screen sifting next to him all day and you both are doing well then all of a suuden in the last half hour he'll pull out a mammoth tooth or a perfect 3" meg or a point. I never fails but its always fun. And Thanks to Richard Hulbert for th I.D.
Location Hardee County, Florida, USA
Species Equus sp.
Age Pliocene Epoch
Formation Bone Valley Formation
Category Land Mammal

Date Added5/6/2005


This weekends expedition
This weekends expedition





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