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Getting down at Lee Creek - Dafossz

The Aurora Fossil Museum Friends weekend hunt #2 was set for March 10th.  DW, T$ and myself were able to secure the same day, and a trip to PCS was set. Thanks to PCS and the AFM for the opportunity to collect fossils in such a rich locale.

We headed to hotel and relaxed with a Discovery Channel show on sharks and some refreshing beverages. We all agreed that most can achieve better life through chemistry!!  After a restful night (for me), we awoke early, packed up the truck, and headed to the mine. DW and T$ were both a little tired from the noise of our “wrestling” neighbors. Wow, I really do sleep through most everything. The collecting group filled out the forms and loaded on the bus. We entered the mine around 8:30 and the hunt was on. The BRFC trio split up and hunted among the long hills. The material was rich with Yorktown and Pungo formations. There was no rain the week before, so most teeth had be found by close inspection. I only found a few pedestal teeth. My first score of the day was hiding under a rock: a nice small meg. I hunted the area closely and found decent cow shark teeth and then a bramble shark tooth. I was getting close to gravy mode…then I bagged a croc tooth, my first in the PCS mine. Things slowed down a bit after that, and I tried my luck at digging. I dug for about 2 hours and managed to find 7 tiger shark teeth in one spot…too bad they were not megs (that was another fortunate collector). On the walk back to the bus I was waling through some mixed layers (Y-town, Pungo and JC), and noticed a small yellow tooth on a pedestal. No ground shot (camera was full of FossZette’s last vacation pix), but this little posterior meg was sweet. What a way to end the day!! DW was walking back to the bus with me and his drool streams carved out some new ravines. He racked a large Yorktown Meg (congrats, dude!!) and for some reason the mako’s jump into his pocket. I think he has some magnetic device or something. T$ had some nice teeth too, so all went home happy.


Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added4/1/2007

Nice assortment of fossils from LC Mine.
Picture 2 of the my LC Mine haul.

1-1/8" Croc tooth
1-1/8" Croc tooth
Bramble shark tooth
Bramble shark tooth
Killer posterior Meg
Killer posterior Meg
3" LC Meg
3" LC Meg
Gettin down at Lee Creek
Gettin down at Lee Creek





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