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Lee Creek Hunt 4-28-2007

Yesterday during our drive up to Aurora NC to hunt Lee Creek, we the vigilant shark tooth hunters of Black River Fossils braved the rain and gleefully anticipated the bounty the pit would produce if it were also hit with the thunderstorms. Alas, the rain barrier that has shielded the favored collecting ground of so many again proved to be an effective anti-erosion measure. The collecting area, ever shrinking because of the reclamation, was dotted with the footprints of last weekend’s hunters. No matter how many people hunt the pit, though, there will always be more to find. Everything is the same color and it pays to walk slowly and look carefully. Da fossz, t$, rivrdigr, bigredmeg, and myself set off to look carefully, hoping that karma would be on our side.

I paid close attention with each step I took and I saw that the teeth were there, just camouflaged. There were few pedestals, but the hills were far from barren. I just walked in between footprints. I tended to stay in the Pungo because the Yorktown gets hit hard – everybody wants a megalodon. There is always a chance of a Chubutensis, Cow, Bramble, or other highly desirable tooth. All of those eluded me but I picked up enough to be happy. The highlights of the hunt were a couple of pretty Makos and a really nice inch and a half Hemipristis, but not the things that people come to Lee Creek to find. On the way out, I picked up a nice scallop for da fossz. He likes shells but seldom picks them up because his cooler shark tooth finds are taking up all the room in his taxed collecting pouch. Wait until you see the prize that made him not have room for shells this time!

After the pit, we properly dined on Mexican, as we are known to do. Later that night as I lay sleepless in our hotel room free of roaches, drug dealers, collapsing air conditioners, hunting dogs, and Klingons, I thought back on previous trips to Lee Creek and all the great times and I finally made the connection. Mexican has been a constant ally and last night I failed to have Mexican for dinner. I felt like a traitor. I let t$ and da fossz lead me astray though I myself knew better. I went with the crowd. I collapsed under the weight of peer pressure to make the wrong decision. In arrogance of my abilities to hunt without superstition on my side, I ate a Hamburger the night before a Lee Creek trip.

Now I know - My karma comes from South of the Border, baby.

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added5/1/2007

The only megalodon of the day for me turned out to be a real bummer with a crushed tip.
I was a little startled by this bird sitting on her nest when I first saw her. I was just glad it wasn't the bear hiding under that bush.
A scallop shell that is commonly found in the Yorktown formation. this is the one I brought back to impress df.
this ecphora was a gift from rivrdigr. i only wish i found it myself!

Lee Creek 4/28/07
Lee Creek 4/28/07
En Fuego at PCS
En Fuego at PCS
The makos jump into my bag.
The makos jump into my bag.
Snaggletoothed Shark Tooth
Snaggletoothed Shark Tooth
Fossil Mako Shark Tooth
Fossil Mako Shark Tooth
Mako Shark Tooth
Mako Shark Tooth





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