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Racking is the beginning of all achievements.

I took a road trip with the great Alopias Ali to the holy toothing grounds of Aurora. I knew this was going to be a good trip after seeing T$’s and Da f0ssz’s fine rack last week. I had previously talked to T$ the night before going in the pit. T$’s last words of advice for hunting at Aurora was “hunt in the shells.” There were shells everywhere and I even picked up a few.  I just looked down the whole time and picked up teeth everywhere I walked! I could not believe how many teeth there were laying out fully exposed. This place is a gold mine. On the way out I picked up a neat looking tooth and it turned out to be a rare parotodus benedini!

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

MemberBruce Leetensis
Date Added10/17/2007

The good stuff.
A mix of good and broken shark teeth.
The shells and various other fossils.
Teeth were laying out like this everywhere.
Yorktown formation filled with big whale verts.

Aurora Parotodus Benedini Shark Tooth
Aurora Parotodus Benedini Shark Tooth
Aurora Isurus desori Shark Tooth
Aurora Isurus desori Shark Tooth
Float Like a Carcharocles
Float Like a Carcharocles





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