January 28, 2023  
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Back to the war zone!!!

First I would like to thank DW for setting me up with being able to post my trips.  I just returned from a 7 month tour in Iraq and I had the itch to do some hunting the whole time I was out there.  For the last month I was out there all I could think about was getting home and being able to hunt.  My wife and I finally got the chance on Sunday when we went into the mine.  I had flash backs of Iraq because it was so dry and made it really hard to hunt, especially if you like climbing the steep hills.   But with both of us combined we were able to find a few makos, fish fossils, 1 cow and a really sweet pathological tiger.  No megs this time, so I guess we all just have to keep praying to the rain gods for some decent rain and then the real teeth should start showing up.  Fair winds and good hunting!


Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added10/21/2007

The best of the makos for the day.
Whale tooth, drum fish plate and some dolphin teeth.

15/16 patho tiger shark
15/16 patho tiger shark
1" Yorktown cow shark
1" Yorktown cow shark





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