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Is this Heaven?

This is my 1st trip to PCS and I have to say thanks to the mine and also to BRF for allowing me to hunt this past weekend. I had a great time. Met some great people, and found some firsts for my collection. No monster Megs up I did get my 1st Cow Shark, 1st Porpoise tooth, a couple nice Makos and a really nice Sand Tiger in Matrix. After the hunt I met Obsessed1 and Toofless at the Spoil Piles around Aurora. We started talking and realized we where all members of this site.  I guess BRF is home to some hardcore collectors. After 8 hours on my hands and knees I spent another hour or so at the spoil piles. I just could'nt get enough. Too bad the musuem was closed. Can't wait to go back!!! 

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added11/29/2007

Love the colors.
Found Sticking Strait Up
Sand Tiger in Matrix after prep. Started off as a 10lb chunk. the lighter colored lobe was all that was visible at 1st.

Catching Up On PCS Posts
Catching Up On PCS Posts
Aurora Time!
Aurora Time!
Getting down at Lee Creek - Dafossz
Getting down at Lee Creek - Dafossz





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