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BRF's invite to the creek

First I would like to thank Black River Fossils for the invite to collect Lee Creek on Sunday.  The day was filled with a lot of first timers and it seemed like they all enjoyed them selves knowing that the word going around that collecting was going to be hard due to the lack of rain.

The wife and I first started out by walking strait out to the farthest mounds, and then to start looking working our way back.  When we first got out there it was picked over pretty good but we still looked and found a few spots that had no footprints.  That’s when I found my chubutensis sitting out in the open where if any one that would have walked by would have seen it with out a doubt.  That made my trip well worth it and what ever we found after that was extra.  Hope the winter will bring some good weathering to the pit and the collecting will be better in the spring. 

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added11/30/2007

The better stuff of the day. Including a Marlin Vert.
3 1/16" Chubutensis with a little feeding damage to the tip. Other than that a real nice tooth.
Very rare late in the season to find something like this just sitting out in the open.
A nice 2 3/16" Mako
The ground shot

A Trip To The Aurora Fossil Museum
A Trip To The Aurora Fossil Museum
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Christmas in March





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