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Slowly but surely

        I would like to thank BRF and PCS for the chance to enter into the mine. With all the reports of lack of rain to uncover fossils we decided that we would head in different directions until one of us found a promising area then we would work it over together. I had been walking about 20 minutes when I found an area of Pungo and Yorktown mixed. As I pondered where to go next I saw a serrated tip sticking out. After digging it out I had my first Chub from the mine. It' 2 3/4" with the tip and one cusp broken off. Not a bad start for the day.

         I looked around and found two more sections of Meg/ Chub within ten feet of the tooth. So we started to look harder in this area and ended up spending the whole day right there. When all was said and done in addition to the fist Chub we had a sweet 1 3/4"Chub, a 2 13/16" Chub with one corner missing and the smallest Meg I've found to date.It's only 9/16" long side and 3/8" in height. Also found were many other smaller teeth and verts. 

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added12/2/2007

My first complete Chub from the mine
Tiny Meg
The smaller teeth
The other stuff

Tiny but perfect!
Tiny but perfect!
My first  complete Chubutensis from Lee Creek
My first complete Chubutensis from Lee Creek





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