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Final weekend in Aurora

Last weekend the wife and I got lucky when two people canceled there trip into the mine last minute so we ended up getting one last trip.  When we first arrived the word was out that there had been two 6" teeth that had came out.  I was hoping that this day would be my lucky day.  Unfortunately this wasn’t my lucky day, it was the wifes.  She blew me away with all the teeth that she found.  The only highlight of my day was when I found a whale tooth and then I looked around as I was picking it up and there was another.  I must have dug in that small area for an hour to see if I could find anything else but nothing ever showed up.  The spring hunts should be a little better after some rain over the winter but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added12/12/2007

The nicer stuff
couple nice cow shark teeth with one ground shot
I got lucky finding this one when I sat down to eat luch.
This proves that there are some real nice teeth out there just waiting to be picked up.

Lee Creek Whale Teeth
Lee Creek Whale Teeth
Lee Creek Sand Dollar
Lee Creek Sand Dollar
Perfect little Chub from Lee Crek
Perfect little Chub from Lee Crek
Nice Lee Creek Mako
Nice Lee Creek Mako





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