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Aurora Spring 2008

This past Sunday was a great trip. I think I may have finally been able to rub off some of my "Fossil Mainia" onto my wife. This was our 1st real get away since having a child, and it was about time.  The weekend started off on Saturday night with a nice dinner in Raleigh and we decided to stay in Greenville. So up and early on Sunday.. a little chilly but it turned out to be a great day.  One of the best things for me about these trips are talking to other people with the same interests. I am still pretty new to fossil collecting ( May 07 is when I was infected with this sickness.) so just listening to proper pronunciations of species, details about the different formations, identification help, and just meeting new people in general is great.

This season, the hunting area in Huge!!- It seems like I was able to manuver a little easier than I did in the fall. I knew we where going to have a good day when i found my biggest G. Cuvier to date, 1 1/4 inches on the ramp wating for the go signal. My wife's expectaions where very low, anything bigger than a dime would have made her day. Her 1st find was an 1 3/8 Mako with a busted tip... but it was gold in her eyes, and everything else was gravy on top. I found a couple nice Cow shark and a really cool blue Hemi. No huge Megs but we where satisfied. All in all a pretty good day for us. 

This weekend I  also learned a new meaning of the word "Pretty". It meant something heavy that I would have to lug back to bus....By the time I made back up the sandy ramp with a 5 gallon bucket full of "Pretty" things, my oversized Carhart(that I didnt realy need) and all of my finds, I was wore out.    I want to extend thanks to PCS, for allowing us to escape the real world and become children digging in the dirt again, even if for just 1 day. I would also want to thank the Friends of the Museum for the awesome slots. Good luck to everyone going later in the season. There is plenty of room to roam.

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/6/2008

Cow Shark
My wife's 1st tooth
Nice Mako-- Look how close the other walking stick hole is to this tooth. Right out in the Open.
Some of the other things we found.
Some of the "Pretty" stuff

Lee Creek 4/28/07
Lee Creek 4/28/07
En Fuego at PCS
En Fuego at PCS
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