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Small Goodies From The Aurora Spoil Piles

For the past few weeks I have been hitting up the Aurora spoil piles trying to find the smaller teeth that you hardly ever come out on trip days into the actual mine.  I also wanted to say to the people that don’t make it into the mine or miss there day due to weather that there is still some hope with the spoil piles.  The teeth that i have up today are just a small amount of what the wife and I have found.  Until next time…..Good hunting!!!!!

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/11/2008

The Chubutensis measures 2&1/16"
The Croc tooth measures 1"
Snaggle Tooth Shark symphseal teeth. Largest tooth on end measures 13/16"
Some Pathological teeth. Largest tooth measures 21/32"
The first two teeth are Whale Shark teeth and I think the last one is another Snaggle Tooth Shark symphseal. First two measure 1/4" & the last one measures 9/32"
A small Ray tooth. Measures 7/32" wide
Squalodon teeth. First one measure 21/32" & the other one is 19/32"

Float Like a Carcharocles
Float Like a Carcharocles
First Trip to Aurora
First Trip to Aurora
Racking is the beginning of all achievements.
Racking is the beginning of all achievements.





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