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From Aurora to Cleveland and beyond

First off all I'd like to thank PCS for another great colleting season, their  just is not another place like this in the world. People gather from all parts of the country and the world for 6-7 hours premium collecting. It was also pretty cool to see how many people were sporting the BRFC apparel.
Sharing ideas and knowledge with other members is another aspect of these trips I enjoy. Who knew that our very own ditchweezil was such a geography buff. His knowledge of cities such as Cleveland and Pittsburgh was amazing, but I digress...
Collecting this seaoson was great, the Yorktown was everywhere, but the megs seemed to elude me on this trip. Overall it was still a fun trip.

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/15/2008

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Aurora Sanchez
Aurora Sanchez





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