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Okay Day in Aurora

This trip into Aurora is from this past Sunday 3/09/08. I think the coolest find from this trip was the partial whale jaw, but the caps of the teeth were broken off when I found it. I carefully searched the hill for a skull or any loose teeth that may have fallen out, but nothing appeared. I was walking over a lot of good Yorktown and still I remained megless at the end of the day. I think I may have used up by fossil mojo the day before in the quarry when I found the Auriculatus which is okay with me . Thanks PCS for allowing us to collect!

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/16/2008


Fossz-ology 101
Fossz-ology 101
2 5/16" Mako Shark Tooth
2 5/16" Mako Shark Tooth





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