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Leee Creek and the green turtle mojo

Before leaving on my trip to Lee Creek this season , my 8 year old daughter gave me one of her stuffed animals as a good luck charm. I told her I'd take it with in the mine , I wasn't going to pass up some extra mojo.
It was one of the most sloppiest and coldest days of collecting I've had. When its raining the teeth are harder to see, everything just blends into grayish dirt.  I walked to the far end of the mine near the drag line. The material in that area looks like it got dumped that week. I found my two nicest teeth over there, my meg and mako. That material is going to produce some nice teeth in the coming months.
The collecting area is massive this year, this is one of those years where it won't matter what weekend you get. Their is enough  Yorktown and Pungo to last a couple of years . This weekends collectors are going to rack. With last Sunday being canceled and all the rain , I wouldn't be surprised to see several 5"+ teeth found.
On the way home we got stuck in Raleigh over night because of the snow storm. We finaly got home about noon on Monday. While unpacking my fossils I found a note from the TSA. I can't imagine what the inspector thought those whale verts were when they scanned my luggage. I do feel sorry for that person , I had the verts wrapped in my wet, smelly, nasty clothes from the mine inside my backpack and then inside my duffle bag. They had to have completely emptied my bag, because the note was on the vert.
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/4/2009


3-3/8" Megalodon
3-3/8" Megalodon
2-7/8" Mako
2-7/8" Mako
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