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The Phos-foot

I had not been collecting since DW and I braved the murky waters of the Edisto last July. What a trip to end a dry spell....PCS. The news was this would be an opportunity to collect in the pit itself. Thanks to PCS for allowing us to collect, and thanks the Aurora Fossil Museum for all they do.
Anyone who frequents BRFC knows that a trip to PCS means Road trip. I picked up DW on Saturday and we began our journey to the famous collecting grounds. So that we could collect some on the piles, I kept up a nice pace on I-95. DW, being observant and wise, noted my foot must be laden with phosphate to produce such velocity in the Fossz-mobile. His foreshadowing would prove to be costly (to me).
We collected on the roadside piles for a bit and then loaded up with an evening meal at the Bell. Afterwards, we headed to the hotel and crashed about 11. Off the pit..and what a sweet site. The collecting area was quite large, and appeared loaded with Pungo and some Yorktown exposures. After instructions from the guides, off we went. The area had been collected the day before, but the size of the collecting area looked promising to produce great finds. I collected in some Pungo for a while and picked up a mess of smaller teeth. I headed deeper into the pit, and found some untouched material. I bagged 4 nice makos here and a giant tiger shark tooth. After this, it was onto some Yorktown. I found whale bone galore, and the Megs eluded me. Maybe nextime. I decided for the last couple of hours to search more Pungo. A few more nice makos, and then I scored my first Squalodon tooth.
As I peered over the top of some Pungtown material, I caught DWs BRFC stylin' hardhat in the distance. We met up and he had scored a couple of nice chubs and a sweet little Squalodon double root tooth. We were both happy with our finds, and proceeded to be the last collectors out of the mine.
Time to head home.....Phos-Foot got busted and the trip costed me a bit more than I budgeted. Maybe in the future, local municipalaties will accept credit cards on site to allow moving violators more effecient processsing. For now, I will send a check.
Despite this small monetary set-back, the trip was productive. Can't wait till the next trip.
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added9/26/2004


1 3/8" Tiger Shark Tooth
1 3/8" Tiger Shark Tooth
2 1/2" Squalodon Incisor
2 1/2" Squalodon Incisor
2" Mako Shark Tooth
2" Mako Shark Tooth





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