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A Day In The Trenches at Aurora

Well, it was time once again for the semi-annual PCS fossil hunt at Aurora NC. DW headed up to Columbia so that I could work late on Friday to keep the man happy. As I made my final preparations, DW scoped out the newly modeled fossil room in my loft. After about 10 minutes, I was ready to go and DW had placed his gaping jaw back into position. Of course, when I hunt in Summerville, I suffer the same paleo-jaw dropping every time I see DWs choice fossil collection. We arrived at the chateau-du-roach around 9:30 PM and I guess my fatherly instincts kicked in because I swiftly snuffed out two large roaches. We arrived at the mine about 7:30 in the morning, and met with gman and M4 to exchange pleasantries. Gman and myself decided to hunt together. What a cool cat, and this guy can score some teeth. The collecting area was a hodge-podge of Pungo, Yorktown and James City. I picked up a few teeth here and there. I did find two cow shark teeth, and one I repaired. I also bagged a decent mako (see ground shot). Gman found a killer hemi and traded out the tooth for the mako. This would prove to be good karma as two seconds later I spotted a killer Yorktown mako hanging from a ravine edge. We met up with DW later in the day and as usual he racked some choice teeth. BY 1 PM, the area had been worked and I was pretty much sandblasted by the 30+ mph winds. Nevertheless, a Bell feast was in order, and then more collecting. We decided to collect the road spoil piles. I found a few smaller teeth, nothing grand, but no daylight went unused on this collecting day.
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added3/12/2005

The PCS haul

3/4" Cow shark tooth
3/4" Cow shark tooth
A pair of Hemis
A pair of Hemis
2 1/8" Mako
2 1/8" Mako
Mako Ground Shot
Mako Ground Shot





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