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With my back and hamstrings still letting me know how much they did not enjoy the time we spent sifting GMR yesterday, we boarded the bus for the Aurora hunt. Upon arriving, it was easy to see how much the reclamation area is closing in on the hunting grounds. It was clearly visible from the edge of the pit, and as Rivrdigr wisely noted, it also is raising the water levels which removes other areas from access – ditchweezil and I actually walked to the end of one of the roads were the stakes were out about 15 feet out into the water where the road had been covered. I decided to move a little faster this time, not spending as much time looking for the little teeth, and instead trying to cover more ground for any bigger teeth that may be peeking out. After about 3 hours of that, I gave up cause I wasn’t finding squat! I returned back to my usual slow scan method and finally started to produce a few teeth. In honor of DaFossz who did not make it this weekend, I did smash a couple of large shells. My only real excitement came towards the end of the day, were I saw a small root sticking out in some pungo. Looked like a nice little chubby so I took some ground shots before I pulled it out – plus that let me build anticipation and gave me the time to chant ‘please let it be whole, please let it be whole’ the appropriate number of times. My mantra went in vein though, as it ended up with a chip on the side and feeding damage – bummer :( While I did not get any great finds this trip, it is always a blast to hunt. Plus it was great to spend some time with Rivrdigr, T$, 2thHoover, and ditchweezil himself. I can’t wait to get into the water in a few weeks when I head down to SC at the end of the month. After that, the Aurora Fossil Festival!
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added4/8/2006

The booty
looks promising...but not prisine :(

First trip into lee creek
First trip into lee creek
First trip into the Fossil Holy Land, Lee Creek Mine!
First trip into the Fossil Holy Land, Lee Creek Mine!





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