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a first?

This is actually the 2nd of these I have found but I just recently had the first positively IDed. When I found the first one I kinda thought it had to be something different and interesting... it was too oddly shaped to be Squalodon so I thought it might be archaeocete, but I had never heard of any being found besides down south and it didn't really look like any of the archaeocetes I could find pictured on the net. Not even any from Maryland even though they have deposits of similar ages. So I put it away for a few months, but recently I showed it to m4 and he confirmed my belief that it couldn't really be Squalodon. And after that emails were sent out to some of the top whale experts. The consensus is that it is definitely a tooth from a protocetid archaeocete whale. And in fact looks very similar to a premolar of Georgiacetus. Some of the distinguishing features are the third rootlobe as well as the lingual wear facet. This would be the first record of an eocene whale found north of north carolina in north america. Pretty exciting! So even though I often wish I lived in more productive hunting grounds of Md, Va, NC, SC, or FL, there still are treasures to be found if you look hard enough. Even here in NJ where formational outcrops are few and far between. Dr. Mark Uhen at the Smithsonian willl probably be the one to study and document this sometime in the near future.
Age Eocene Epoch
Category Marine Mammal
Formation Shark River Formation
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA
Species Unidentified - Whale
Length 1 1/4 inches

Date Added10/2/2007


the real first
the real first
walls of schmutz, screens of gold
walls of schmutz, screens of gold





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