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Fossil Stop in NJ

It was my Niece's 1st Birthday last weekend so early Friday afternoon   I packed the kids into the car so we could complete the 9 hour trek to NJ before it got too late. We stayed at my Mother's in Lakewood which is just a stone's throw from the fertile fossil grounds of NJ and with a four hour window Saturday morning I couldn't pass up the opportunity to expand my NJ collection.

My daughter Juli and I arrived at the stream at 6:30 AM and collected for about three hours. We picked up a bunch of smaller teeth including a really nice cow shark tooth and a killer sand tiger - certainly enough to justify the trip - It was great to be back in the waters of NJ!

Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added8/14/2007

A little fossil Bling Bling. I normally don't get excited over Carcharhinid teeth but this has to be one of the coolest I've ever found. The root is heavily pyritized.
An Aurora-esque NJ sand tiger. Sand tigers are probably the most common Eocene/Miocene teeth found in NJ but rarely come out in this condition.
A killer NJ Cow shark tooth. Finding a complete cow shark tooth in NJ is an event - this is one of my nicest.

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