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On this day, me and two of my collecting buds, who will hereafter be referred to as toofsnob and the schmutzking, made a bad decision and ended up doing some exploration at a site that was a total bust. So after 3 hours we high-tailed it to one of our old faves, a popular Cretaceous stream. I was not expecting much because we did not have that much time and weren’t going to venture too far off the beaten path, but we all needed a little bit of instant gratification. But when we got to the area that I wanted to work that has been fairly productive for me over the past couple years, it was evident that someone(s) has found it and been working it hard during the summer. After a bit of cursing we got to work. I ended up doing alright despite the obvious fact that there were only remnants of a good spot left. But we all were somewhat fulfilled after a couple of hours of digging. And in the parking lot as we were leaving toofsnob made a coveted find... a sock-gravel Hybodus sp. tooth, its his best one so far!
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added8/29/2007


Goblin pair from NJ
Goblin pair from NJ





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