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another long weekend

It started real slow for me on Saturday. I had been digging at least 5 hours and did not even yet find a decent mako or fragment of a chub. Instead I was picking up ridiculous quantities of smaller teeth just to fill my bag up for the day. I thought I would go home defeated, but then the nice chub came. I had toofsnob pull it from my screen because I was scared it would be broken if I touched it first. But it wasn't. Sunday was fairly slow also, but I did get a couple xiphos and makos by the end.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added10/9/2007

This 1.75" Carcharias tooth is a good example of what we call a clay pop-out. Every once and a while a pristine tooth pops out of the pure Kirkwood marl and we happen to dig it up. I usually get a few of these teeth a trip, but they are almost always tiny ones.

xiphodolamia pair
xiphodolamia pair
nj chub
nj chub





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